Audio files for Mindfulness exercises

If your browser supports streaming audio, you may stream the exercise using the controls with each exercise. Download links are also included (all files in mp3 format).

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Chapter 8: Mindful Breathing

Download “Mindful Breathing”

Chapter 9: Mindful Breathing With Labeling

Download “Mindful Breathing With Labeling”

Chapter 11: Body Scan

Download “Body Scan”

Chapter 13: Leaves on a Stream

Download “Leaves on a Stream”

Chapter 13: Mindful Movement

Download “Mindful Movement”

Chapter 13: Mindfulness of Difficult Emotions

Download “Mindfulness of Difficult Emotions”

Chapter 13: Urge Surfing

Download “Urge Surfing”

Chapter 14: Mountain Meditation

Download “Mountain Meditation”