Avoidance Quiz

Everyone avoids things now and then. We try to suppress our unpleasant thoughts and feelings by putting them out of our minds or distracting ourselves. Or, we stay away from uncomfortable situations or activities. Avoidance sometimes works in the short term but can cause serious problems in the long run. Take this quiz to find out if avoidance is a problem for you. Two types of avoidance are tested separately.

For each statement below, select the answer that best fits you.

Supression of thoughts and feelings:

  1. When something upsetting comes to mind, I try very hard to stop thinking about it.

  2. When negative thoughts come up, I try to put them out of my mind.

  3. I try to distract myself when I feel something uncomfortable.

  4. I work hard to get rid of upsetting feelings.

  5. When distressing memories come up, I try to push them out of my mind.

Avoidance of situations, behaviors, or activities:

  1. I won’t do something if I think it will make me uncomfortable.

  2. I tend to put off unpleasant things that need to get done.

  3. I go out of my way to avoid stressful situations.

  4. I’m quick to leave any situation that makes me feel uneasy.

  5. I avoid doing things that might bring up uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.