Emotion-driven Behavior Quiz

When we’re upset or under stress, we often do things we later regret. We usually know that we’re behaving unwisely, but we lose control and follow our urges anyway because it relieves the intensity of our feelings. Unfortunately, the relief is temporary and the behavior is often inconsistent with long-term goals. Take this quiz to find out if emotion-driven behavior is a problem for you.

For each statement below, select the answer that best fits you.

  1. When I’m feeling upset, I do things that have bad consequences.

  2. When I’m unhappy, I make matters worse by acting without thinking.

  3. When I’m under stress, I have trouble resisting temptations.

  4. When I’m feeling annoyed with someone, I say things I later regret.

  5. When I’m in a bad mood, I do things that make me feel better temporarily but cause problems in the long run.